Sunday, October 18, 2015

Jacob and the Well

Jacob and the Well
Genesis 29: 1-10

Beverly Ewart - 2015

At well-side, Jacob found the gathered flocks;
Dust covered flocks of countless thirsty lambs.
“Won’t someone move this stone,” he said, “that blocks
The flow of water to these ewes and rams?”
“No,” said the shepherds, “We wait for each sheep
To be brought in, and, waiting yet again,
For someone strong enough to move and keep
This stone from crushing any sheep we tend.
Our numbers are complete now - Rachel comes -
Brave shepherdess who boldly guards her own.
How tenderly she guides and carries them...
With us she’ll wait for he who moves the stone.”
But Jacob, seeing Rachel, moved by love,
Just rolled that stone away with one great shove!